Alkhidmath Financial And Management Services Limited having been successful in building positive partnerships, we would be privileged to add you to our list of delighted clients. Following are the services we can provide you.


Management Consultancy

  • Financial and Management Control, Research and Data Collection

Here at Alkhidmath Financial And Management Services Limited we provide financial management and its control. This comprehensive system of internal control put in place under the responsibility of officials budget users. We do this by way of managing risks, provides reasonable assurance that budget and other resource will be used in a regular, ethical, economical, effective and efficient manner towards the achievement of business goals. We also do this by collecting data on customer surveys.

  • Financial Supply Chain Management

FSCM is a set of cross-functional disciplines that mange key processes around risk working capital and management information. The emphasis I on end-to-end process flows. We work on both paper-based and electronic platforms which are typically disconnected. Our professional consultants provide our clients a joint process programme which, involve company’s CFO, treasury and supply-chain directors. These processes involved on, how to improve working capital, modernise business processes, and priority to provide managers across both physical and financial supply chain with better management information.

  • Strategy & Culture

We offer a range of tailored services to help you ensure that your activities and initiatives translate into clear and traceable benefits aimed at meeting the needs of your customers, both today and for the future. Our strategic services include:

  • support and challenge during your corporate planning process
  • risk assessment of board and governance arrangements
  • analysis of organisational culture and desired culture
  • facilitation of strategic visioning
  • stakeholder engagement

We also offer executive development activities which can facilitate more cohesive working and help discussion and communication in relation to the aspects identified above.

  • Assessment & Selection

As part of our recruitment and selection services, We offer a comprehensive range of assessment activities to support you in selecting the right people for your organisation.

  • Business Development/ Improvement:

We are a specialist provider of business services. We have been using deep insights into human motivation to help organisations solve complex human-centred problems. We work on a wide range of engagements for our clients. Our work spans both to individuals and organizations in developed and emerging markets. We help our clients, and the teams they lead and manage, work better internally, create more compelling products and offerings, work better with partners, and engage stakeholders and consumers more successfully.

  • Marketing:

Execution and identification of marketing segments, implementation of plans and programs . Alkhidmath contributes to the progress of company’s vision and business strategy. We provide innovative marketing solutions to enter into new markets, build brand and business attentiveness, and implement business development and marketing solutions to increase business strength. Our consultants complement your administrative process by caringly assessing, strategically developing, and launching robust marketing solutions.

  • Computer/IT Support

We provide and arrange excellent computing and IT support services through our outsourced network and partners. Hence providing you with state of the art cutting edge services under one roof.

  • Book Keeping

The burden of bookkeeping and accounting can be a headache for any business. That is why we are here to assist with day to day data entry so that you can focus on what matters to you. We provide technically tested staff to ensure they have the correct skills for the specific requirements of book keeping.


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